The Great Rebellion

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Now we are going to start work on our next game “The Great Rebellion”. So far the project is still in prototyping phase. With your generous donations for our cause, full time work will begin. Donate and become a part of KVLTGAMES!

Release: Q2 2022

  • “Roguelike”-Platformer Gameplay. It’s a classic platformer-style game but the levels are being generated randomly, every run will be different and you have to constantly face new challenges!
  • 4+ Lanky Levels – the more money we get through crowdfunding, the more levels the game will have, up to 8 levels! But wait, that’s less than in Heimat Defender: Rebellion!!! WHAT?! True, however the game features randomly generated levels, w various bosses, ememies and weapons! Each level can take many forms, No playthrough is like any other and the game’s levels are always new!
  • 10-20 Frightening Boss Fights, depending on the success of our crowdfunding.
  • You can change between the 4 characters Alex Malenki, Martin Sellner, Outdoor Illner and The Dark Knight at anytime! Every character has special abilities you must use in the right situation!
  • Control with Keyboard + Mouse, you can aim in all directions!
  • Countless Upgrades and new Weapons!
  • A sophisticated story being told in cutscenes and dialogues during the game!
  • You got lost in the labyrinthine levels? With an automap that’s available at all times you keep track of where you are. You can even teleport yourself back to rooms you already visited so you can avoid backtracking!
  • Extremely Based and Red-pilled on the current insanity going on in the world!
  • Polished Retro-Pixelart with detailed animations, combined with modern effects!
  • An Epic Soundtrack by RetroRebel!
  • With enough funding, there will even be a multiplayer mode (coop) in which you can fight the Globohomo Corp. together with your friends!
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